Gensperity consults organizations of various sizes from small businesses to Fortune 500 Corporations. From a business perspective, we help companies achieve operational excellence by developing systems where their technology, people and processes work in synchronicity with each other, in order to enable automation, innovation and scalability.

From a personal perspective, we provide life coaching to help business owners, leadership and staff members on how to create synergy between their life and business because we understand one’s personal life has a direct impact on one’s business. Gensperity’s philosophy is to provide consulting and coaching services using a holistic approach to living a prosperous life.

"One’s personal life has a direct impact on one’s business.”

Abegail Woods

Abegail Woods


Abegail Woods is the founder and CEO of Gensperity Inc. and her vision was to provide service where she can help others achieve prosperity not just in their business, but in all aspects of their life. This philosophy is what she calls “universal prosperity” and her mission is to share her philosophy with others so that they can become the best version of themselves allowing them to excel in both their personal life and business. 

Abegail is a wife, mother and business owner and has practiced her philosophy of “universal prosperity” throughout her career. The Gensperity oracle deck “Keys to a Prosperous Life” translates her philosophy into a readable format to help others.